Burro Hash

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RUN REPORTS 2019        (See Hash History Page for Years 2018 and previous years)

Run number  1613    13 January '19

Hares – Flakey & Stiffanny

Run number !X"$, so mumbled sir flakley. He promised it was going to best the run ever, virgin territory (in Mijas Costa!) (I think he was referring to the 72 virgins he has been dreaming of ever since he got called by ISIS to setup a hash in Damascus. Sorry got sidetracked yes, the hare bragging on about his run,

two beer stops (that's because you can't keep the pack together) and cava to keep everyone drunk enough and get good marking.

So a bunch of people turned up in black and multicolored attire to remember those who had died (incidentally we missed "One foot in the grave" and I hear Pussey galore was shortlisted for one frame. Unlucky for her as she survived the accident and the two empty frames were put up for bidding on Stairway to heaven. Justin and Seamen stains were the highest bidder worrying that no one would remember them if they don't secure the spot now.

What about the run, well it was a run just like another one. OK, maybe a little better and longer (but don't tell Just say when, she would have told you it was short and had no WW, fresh orange juice, carrot cake, etc).

Over all I think everyone was drunk enough to enjoy what a minimum run should be like (at least 10K) and a few people had their anniversaries eventhough some have not even walked a has let alone running it in a good while,

Anniversarios -
Dead End - 5
Sandpaper Sally -15
Titanic - 25
Lip Service - 60
Over and Done With - 65
Masterbates - 86
Aqua Sex -90
5 Knuckle - 100
Semen Stains - 200
Shagadelic -230
Just In - 245
Stiffany -425
Streaky - 470
Mummies Bot - 635

Number attending 39 hashers

On On. Salmonella


Run number  1612     6 January '19

Hares – Streaky and Titanic  

At – Loma del Flamenco (behind Mijas Golf)


This was a brilliant, sunny day and the start point was in an excellent location in the campo. All was ready … 37 hashers were waiting … but where was the RA? He arrived 20 minutes late, without apology, and then asked yours truly to be scribe!!! I'd been there 40 minutes by then! It was at this point that Stiffany proceeded to set haberdashery!!!

So ….... the hash eventually got started around half an hour late. It was the usual uphill down dale of most hashers. Many liked, it some didn`t. Some complained that the inclines were too steep. Well you can`t please em all. I thought it was an excellent run, well marked with varied terrain and about the right length. It eventually received a score of 7.4.

And talking of the circle, after arriving late, the GM left early ...and the RA!!!

So the GM Assist carried on courageously with only the most minimal of notice. The sun was about to go down so the circle began with several hashers still out on trail.

It has to be said that the circle was somewhat chaotic, with Titanic trying to influence the scores by doing what Titanic does ...tits and arse or what! People continued to come in from the trail, and Dogsy and Mary Hinge arrived by taxi!

But what transformed this hash and made it completely different from almost all the others was an most unfortunate accident.

Pussy Galore fell and broke her ankle!

Justin was a witness to this event. What follows is his account -

In brief, Pussy fell off a ledge - a rather tricky part of the trail, really - and started screaming loudly. I ran back and together with Lip Service pulled her out from the bushes and then managed to bring her to a flattish area where we could put her down - all this with yapping dogs jumping up against us.

Dipper then went on ahead to find a suitable place for the ambulance to arrive and phoned 911. He co-ordinated most of the rescue operation from there on. Quicksand, Sweet and Low, Lip Service and I stayed with Pussy for a while, but then I went to where the group was waiting for the ambulance to see if anyone had any pain-killers. It turned out that Chilly Pepper had some iboprufeno - and had had this on her when she was standing next to Pussy earlier on - so I tried to get back to give the painkiller to Pussy but got hopelessly lost  in the bushes and finally ended up at the Beer Stop on a failed mission.

The others stayed with Pussy throughout and kept her warm, although Quicksand took the opportunity to make a photo documentary of the whole thing... Lip Service was freezing throughout all this, as they had all given their sweaters to Pussy, only to find out later on that she had had her jacket in her rucksack all the time.

Afterwards, Brown Skid volunteered to drive Pussy's car to Calahonda together with Sweetand Low, while Quicksand accompanied Pussy to the hospital. Apparently she is going to be operated on tonight (Monday 7 Jan) and is now waiting for a call, while jabbing herself in the stomach with painkiller, not very nice.



Your Scribe



Hares: Titanic & Streaky