Aqua Sex, from all on the Mijas H3 please accept our deepest sympathy on the loss of your Mum “Jackie” may she Rest In Peace.


Gathering Of The Pack

GM Sir Flakey welcomed the pack and settled the vexed question of the correct run number which had somehow gotten into disarray during the previous weeks following the 30th Anniversary jamboree. The call was made for guests to present themselves, and Sheep Shagger duly stepped forward as a returnee. Then our virgin of the day was propelled into the circle and required to memorise the names of the assembled pack who called them out by turn.

David is an Englishman and artist residing in Los Pacos, a close friend of Streaky; he had obviously been well briefed before attending the hash, since (to our disappointment) he made none of the hash errors commonplace amongst new visitors. I take David to be a classic ‘struggling artist’, since – as he proudly told us – many of his more recent paintings have been ‘Streaky’. Anyway, how refreshing! - a virgin and at the same time an ‘artist’: I remain ever hopeful when visiting the massage parlours of Singapore...

In keeping with an old hash tradition, two even older hashers, Chicken George and King Knut were called in to show off their new shoes. Each therefore took off one shoe, which was filled with beer by Sir Flakey, and the down-down song sung: “Here’s to new shoes,they’re true blue...” King Knut held his full shoe poised at the ready and walloped the contents down with good German gusto, whereas Chicken George seemed altogether more... well, Chicken!

Hash Flash - Kannot Kan - Fear of the Dark Run 1643 - 16 June 2019 - Photo 1a.jpg

Introductions done, we were treated by Muzzle’Im to an explanation of the encyclopedic trail markings that he had so lovingly laid out for us in advance – eleven in all, by type. This concluded with the letter “G”, and Just Say When (Gwen) was called in to illustrate the meaning, on account of her reputation for fierce independence when breaking checks. She was shortly dismissed as a red herring, though, and a “D” was then prepended to the “G”, the marking referring to the presence of Dead Goats on the trail; an injunction was given to the dog-owners to keep their pets on the leash on sighting such a mark, to avoid any unsavoury revelry with the corpses.

Finally, yet another echo of my last run report, in which I wrote that the hare had offered “plenty of shade”: the hare today had omitted any mention of torches, which I had somehow inferred as being required for this run, and so I duly asked the question. Muzzle’Im’s reply struck me as somewhat evasive: he merely reiterated the wording on the fb page that we would do well to have a fully charged phone with us, ‘just in case’. (“Doo-dee doo-doo, doo-dee doo-doo” – remember the tune?) With that, the ritual hash photo was taken, and on on was signalled.