GPS Tutorial for Hares

  Master Bates writes….

Please give me 3 minutes to show how to use the GoogleMaps ! ?

Its very easy and do not take long time to share a map so everybody easy

and fast can find the meeting point without any problem. You can also use

It if you like to find a restaurang, street or what ever all over the world so

its a is very useful.

1. Download the Google Maps from App Store if you have a I-Phone or

Android Store if you have a Android phone.

2. Open the Google Maps when you are at the meetingpoint and put your

finger on the blue pin witch show where you are.

3. Point to "Share your position" and send it to Mijas H3 on Facebook.

Thats all and now everybody can open the Google Maps on Facebook

and fast end easy been guided to the meeting point with voice and a map.

4. If you try to find an adress - just open the Google Maps app and on the top

you can wright the name of the street, restaurang or what ever and then

press ”Show me the way". Now the app guide you the way and also talk to


Do not be afraid to try new inovations.

Master Bates / OLOF / PHOTOlof / GOLoF