Run No: 1617 - Haciendas Las Chapas

Number of Runners: 24 ( two dozen roses)

- Score: 8.9 -

No mention of Valentine's on the website so who would remember to dress πŸ‘— in Red for the occasion? Only a few true loving hashers!

The pack assembled and the hares explained the markings for the day. Primed with this knowledge and eager to get on, the pack took off together... UPENDING TREES SHRUBS AND FLOWERS..etc As the track soon went vertical, the pack stretched thin with gasping and cursing the sadistic hares!

OnOn up to the heavenly heights we strained to be rewarded with the apparition of a glorious Beer Stop below 🍺🍺. Pink champagne and amber nectar soon revived the brave. Buoyed with bubbles True Love blossomed as Just-In revealed plans for a secret wedding to Lip-service in Las Vegas... all attending hashers invited with all expenses paid!! Back on trail we decended the slopes to the car park and regrouped for the Circle.

Sir Flakey dispensed down downs to deviants and mis-behavers Yogi (admitting to being Just-In's gay lover and pregnant with his baby).. Salmand Rushdie for arriving late in his new car and not managing to get into the car park.,. Dogsy looking flash in his newly purchased Hash shorts and Master Bates got a beer while demonstrating the Anti Shake features of his new iPhone!

On to more serious business...., the GM hushed the assembled and called forth NN Elisa for Beer Baptism. Taking up position (kneeling within the Hash-Shit Seat), Sir Flakey bestowed the name 'I'm Easy' with ceremonial Beer and Flour to much applause. The circle was closed and the pack dispersed with dubious directions to the OnOn. Without Google coordinates to the restaurant, most of the drivers deviated except for the Google Guru Master Bates who arrived 10 minutes before everyone else. A fine meal was enjoyed by all with a good menu and plenty of choice thanks to the good work of the Hares. OnOn Marcus Skidius

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