Run No 1622 - St Anthony's School


Almost everyone was wearing green and a silly Guinness Hat. If there is a trophy for the worst scribe then I have won it HANDS DOWN! I'll even buy my own trophy! I have lost the piece of paper wth all the anniversarios on it and all I can remember is most people on it got a beer and I had done many runs including my 90 runs! I short cutted both halves with Yogi and Hash Hound William so all I know is how he saved Mummys Boys life, in great detail. There was half a mannequin and a bath on the run and it was very up and down according to Stiffanny! The beer stop was superb with Beer, Green Beer, Irish Coffee, Green custard pies, Tatties and the most amazing garlic vampires tonight thank you! Mummys Boy and Pussy were part of the Hash Crash Spectators Team with Bleeding Bush deciding to go home and listen to pod casts!!! We had the usual irritating OIRISH music for the Circle with Guinness and Yogi was deservedly re-christened Yogi Bear GBH but I think Lord of the Yogi Bears would also be deserving! Kindergarten Cop turned up for the circle with his "knob"ly wounded knee, I cried with laughter at that photo on Whatsapp group and all the accompanying comments! I got a down down for something and ended up with a Whisky that I spat out! We sang a new version of "Mummys Boy, Mummys Boys he's fat he's round, he should be in the ground" and all I can say is I hope he realises what a lucky Hasher he is, Yogi you are a Lifesaver! The On On was brilliant! All served up with lashings of wine and more music. A great time was had by all. I'm ready for my down down now! Scribe Aquasex

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