Run No 1616 - Las Farolas Calle Sabina


Number of Lunners: 40 Annivelsalios: Chicken Geolge 25, Flom Behind 25, Pussy Galole 320, Colonic Illigation380, Swill Loll 545, Sil Frakey 605 Scole: 8.5 Blight Sunny Day not Velly Cold. 40 Hashers gatheled for lun at Las Farolas Calle Sabina. Me got nominated as Sclibe even tho not last to allive. Maybe because me appear to be only token Oriental - 他妈的! Drat that fellow with buck teeth and googly-eye specs. Most lunners made good effort to cum in pseudo tladitional Chiny outfits except for a couple of lunatics that couldn’t difflentiate between Chiny or Japany or Bedloom. ‘All same-same what?” - is what they say. 笨蛋! Lun plenty good. Despite good markings, a few stlaggers at back of pack get lost, including Yours Tluly. Turns out Beel Stop not where pledicted by self ploclaimed psychic Colonic Illigation, so lun extended in 3km loop for lost patrol - Deja Vu again. Leminder, to all - beware of 冒充內行的人. Also fault of one Hasher (forget name) who lubbed out 'International Hash' markings in wlong way. So all went the Long Way. Usual shenanigans at the Cilcle after lun. Lunners born in Yeal of Pork called in for Special Down Down. Nice Happy Ending with yummy Chiny Food at Chiny Lestaulant in La Cala after. Happily Never After. The End🐽

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