Run No 1620 - Sierra de las Nieves

This was a brilliant, sunny day and exceptionally warm. The starting point was in a totally new location. So ….... the hash got started. It was a principally a campo run up to the beer stop and a town run thereafter. The first half featured some spectacular views over Coin and the mountains of the the Sierra de las Nieves. The second half went through parts of Coin that I, as a previous resident, have never seen before. Indeed we went under a high cliff face just as the second half started that I never realised existed. I thought it was an excellent run, well marked with varied terrain and about the right length. It eventually received a score of 9.1. The circle was run by the Assistant GM, since Everton were playing (regulars will understand the significance of this!) and featured two RA's in the absence of Colonic. Both Stiffany and Yogi entertained us well. But .....Yogi is not just Yogi any more ... after his efforts the previous week in saving Mummies Boy's life with heart massage..... Stiffany renamed him Yogi GBH. A fitting new addition to his name! Anniversarios were -Salty Rim and Chicken George - 25 From Behind - 30 Pepper Grinder -55 Fuck Norris - 60 French Erection - 120 Speed Bumps 150 Jerry Can - 190 After the circle the On On was at Venta La Abuela on the Alozaina road and was really first class! Your Scribe Kindergarden

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