Run No 1621 - Atalaya


Hares: From Behind and French Erection. 

23 hash ers arrived at the start including miracle man, Mummys Boy and his carer Just Say When. Great to see MB up but not quite running again. By the look of the terrain we knew we were in for a tough run and that's what we got. Two hills in particular were long and quite steep with not many falsies or checks to give us a break. One we arrived at the summit of the first hill the trails were quite pleasant and then we descended back down to a valley where there was confusion with a false trail. Once that was sorted we arrived at the holding position where From Behind who was doing a fine sweeping job greeted us with some very nice nectar. After a rest of five minutes it was onwards and upwards again and on reaching the top. I was told afterwards that there was a beer stop which I duely missed. Instead I found the in trail back to the circle and never saw another hasher until I arrived at the aforementioned circle. I knew then that I had missed the beer stop as there was no sign of any liquid whatsoever for the SCB's who had missed out the long uphill climb and subsequent decline. As we awaited the other hashers to arrive at the circle we were notified that Kindergarten Kop had fallen and cut up his knee quite badly. So off we went to rescue him. Turns out that his knee required eighteen stitches. Ouch!! I don't think we will see him running downhill again!! The circle commenced without the normal GM who was on a cruise, the stand in GM who was on his way to hospital to get his knee fixed and the regular RA who was simply missing in action. Anyway we managed to hold the circle together (just) and the emergency team who rescued MB two weeks earlier and the rescued himself all received a down down and Dogsy drank the amber nectar through the chickens arse. It was a tough run but surprisingly there was not one person whinging about it and the hares received high marks for the great effort they put in setting the run. Well done hares. On On to the St Patrick's Day run

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