Run No 1615 - 27 Jan 2019

The Robbie Burns Run

Sunday 27th January 2019 dawned clear and bright, how boring just like any other day on Costa del Sol! But unusually we had been commanded to assemble at Guadalmar car park, for a run starting at 12 noon,

Playa de Guadalmar, is described as the only naturist beach in Malaga. As we know from encounters with naked bodies that’s not so, but nevertheless we did not see any exhibitionists, perhaps as although bright and sunny a bit of a chilly breeze sufficient to shrink even the hardiest willies.

I was first to arrive and, breaking with tradition, was nominated as the scribe ! I realised that was going to create a bit of a problem as I was not staying even for the circle so writing something even vaguely worthy of a Burns Day run was going to be impossible Pero vamos a ver.

Registrations completed, latecomers having arrived, instructions on the run details given by the Hares Semen Stains and Sir Prickalot, the virgin introduced to the pack, a quick flash and it was off towards the sea. Some running, others briskly walking and the chatting amblers at the rear. Along the beach and then after some checks, unusual in that they were marked by a cross in a circle, we meandered in a disorderly fashion, towards the hinterland.

More checks and splits navigated by some with more professionalism than others, thus eight FRB missed the Whisky Stop, which was complete with haggis and tatties. Then it was off on an amble towards the sea, splits, checks and lost trails negotiated we arrived back at the cars and the circle to join the lost FRB.

I then had a beer and pissed off, pissed (over the top for sure, thanks to the Scottish ‘small’’ whisky. The circle would then have proceeded,with a worthy 8.5 marks awarded, sinners sins cleansed, aniversarios recognised, and general mayhem. Then off for the On On before the wee bastards closed the kitchen,

I have no idea what the Bard means but it says ‘HARES’ ad ‘BEER’ so must be a hash thing !

Robert Burns - The Hares Address to their Hounds

Scots, wha hae from Wallace bred,
Scots, wit hae these hares who led,
Welcome to your gory bed,—
Or to victorie.—

Now’s the day, and now’s the hour;
See the front o’ battle lour;
See approach proud the hash’s power,
Haggis and tatties.—

Who will be a-drunken-knave?
Who can find the trails na paved?
Who sae FRB limitless o brave?
—Let him turn and flie.—

Wha for Scotland’s king and law,
Freedom’s sword will strongly draw,
Free-Man stand, or Free-Man fall,
Let him follow trail.—

By Psycho and Gaelic Pasties’s woes and pains!
Wit your DFLs in gaggling chains!
Wha hounds will drain our dearest veins,
Let there be FREEDOM!

Lay the proud beer-nears low!
Victims fall going toe to toe!
Shitty beer’ll heavily flow!*
Hares bless thy Burns

RETURNERS: 1 at least Gang Plank :

VIRGINS: 1 from Miami :


Suxit 5, Just deliver 5, Cabin Boy 15, Red Hot Chilli 15, Bleeding Bush 20,
Yogi 230, Karma 420, Kindergarten Cop 545, El Cid 655

Scribe: El Cid

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