Run 1662 - 20 Oct 2019

Hares – Master Bates and Just Say When At - Finca San Antonio, Camino de Mijas

Despite an incredible rain storm overnight, the sun was shining and the ground was firm.

We set off over this very familiar territory and I was fortunate enough to find almost every true trail. The split trail marking inexplicably had no arrow points! We reached the Beer Stop after quite a short distance. This proved to be an interesting BS as it was a healthy snack stop … with oranges, nuts and quite extraordinarily mushrooms!

We then continued with the pack dividing into two groups, only one of which managed to follow true trail. Well done those eight people. We then arrived at a Cava Stop … in a great location on a hill top. Well done hares!

Once again after the CV, the hash split into two groups. This was because the front runners went so far along a trail that proved to be absent of flour, that it was easier to continue than go back to the split.

In the circle at the end the hares were awarded creditable 8.8.

Most worthy of mention was the fact that Pepper Grinder and Over and Done With had got married just two weeks before in Finland!

Anniversarios were - Pepper Grinder 65 Lilo Lill 170 and Golden Cascade 445

The quite excellent On On was at Valpariso restaurant and featured a Robbie Williams cover singer …

so dancing followed the good quality meal.

Your Scribe

French Erection (Yeh right)

Hash Panorama by Master Bates

Hash Panorama by Master Bates



Gazpacho Soup

Or Asparrajos Soup


Pollo in pepper daycruiser and roast potato


Lubina fish in Champagne sauce and roast potatis

1/2 Buttle of white, red or rosado Wine.

Live MUSIC and dance to Robbie Williams so bring your dance shoes.

All for 17 €

Master Bates

Olof Björland

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