Run 1663 - 27 Oct 2019

The Halloween Run

Hares: Aphrodisiac and Just Say When
Hash Flash: - Master Bates.
Hash Scribe: Salmonella Rushdie

It was a tough decision.

Should I go or should I not.  After all, it was yet another run by, you know who and on top it cut into my siesta by 30 minutes, damn. 

Luckily only a 10 minute drive from my house, I managed to arrive at the run site covered in dust and almost scraped the bottom of my car as I was directed to a parking spot which obviously was not suitable for just any car.  

 This was a good example of how you should set a run.  Aphrodisiac had worked tirelessly for the past two months, with no help from Just say when (AKA JSW), to set even a better run that the week before, which equally was not set by JSW and only by “Master…… wait for it…   two words….. Bates).  

Almost 80% trails that had not been trampled on (not even by the most daring or experienced mountain goat) we were shoved down and up the hill over and over again.  Coming along the way to dry water falls with snakes, spiders and marshmallows in the thick swamps of the Mijas dry forests.   

 Gasping for air and dying of thirst, the hashers finally climbed two steep hills to quench their thirsts with nothing but vampire grade bloody juice, produced by none other than the virgin Mary herself.  Unfortunately I was not there to greet Mary who had lost her virginity but the potent mix was so strong that it sent mixing messages to the billions (in some cases just a few) of synapses and neurons, reigniting memories of wild nights where one Harriett even confessed to me that this was even better than aphrodisiac himself.

 Well of course; Just say when had to make up for the lack of effort she had put in this run, she had been ordered to stay in the kitchen (where women belong) and produce cookies that could please even the meanest of the hashers (like Salmonella).  Sweeten his mouth, feed him and maybe he will give me a better marking but not before I make them work for it. 

If you like to call yourself a macho, a runner, a real hasher, then you must be able to climb like a goat, the steepest hills, the tiniest trails where you must hang to branches and shrubs looking down drops of over 100 meters, fearing for your life, running back twice on some checks to lose the extra weight you have just gained with those delicious chocolate cakes and sweets. Oh yes. It is not enough to go over just one hill, but you must climb high enough to see the ball(s) or antennas, to sweat, to build up a thirst and appetite. Only then and only after you have run out of water and all hopes of finding the right trail, will you finally find the sign On In.

 While on the short side and only just under 8Kms, I think this was a run worthy of a 7.8 (ED: very mean) and I vaguely remember someone giving hash shit, while all others who were intoxicated with alcohol and chocolate invariably could not think critically to give a mark other than NINE or in other words a big NO (if you can understand German). I don’t like to be so mean as to give zero, so I think it was a great effort by Aphrodisiac, he must have put a lot of mental effort into saying yes I will hare a run and then look for a co-hare to do all the hard work.  If you take into consideration a 0 with several 9s, the overall would even out to a 7.8 but some illiterate hasher worked it out as 9.3. Yes:  No point tree.


On On
Salmonella Rushdie-

Next Run #1663

The Halloween Run

Dress up and come ward off the Ghosts with this Ancient Festival at the most important time for Devil Worshippers.

Dancing Skeletons, Black Cats and Broomsticks, the Day the Dead return to Earth.

Join in a Blood Stop in the Canyon of the Caves, Trick and Treat surprises and a Special Prize for the Best Dressed Ghost.

Be prepared to be chased for 6km through this Ghouls Wonderland.

Sunday 27 Oct 2019 - 15:30hrs


Aphrodisiac and Just Say When


Off the A387 between Mijas Pueblo and the BP in Alhaurín at Km 7.
Via Sector 70,
29650 Mijas, Málaga.

Navigation to The Circle:
Google Maps link to the circle.
Latitude N 36.6007°,Longitude W–4.6729°

Directions: ***See navigation above***
From Venta Los Morenos roundabout take the A-387 towards Mijas Pueblo. Turn right at Km7
From Mijas Pueblo take the A-387 towards Venta Los Morenos roundabout. Turn left at Km7

OnOn: Bar El Niño
Calle Campos, 28-32
29650 Mijas, Málaga.

Navigation to The OnOn:
Google Maps link to the OnOn.

OnOn Menu:
Halloween surprise.
Price: Halloween Price €15.00

Lost Soles:
Phone: +34 642 562 524 and + 34 677 993 720

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