Run No 1627 - 21 Apr 2019

The Easter Bunny Run

School Car Park - El Coto

Hares: Colonic and 5 Knuckle Shuffle
Shitler's Birthday Run

This was a brilliant, sunny day … NOT! Nevertheless most of us escaped a soaking. The run set off over familiar territory, proving mostly flat until we approached the Beer Stop which required a serious climb to reach. When the fat git hares were asked which of them had walked up it to lay the trail, the answer was neither – they both walked down it!

Colonic had most fortunately brought a canopy which was used for the BS, but also most importantly, for the circle. Because by that time it was slinging it down - quite torrential! So the circle was one of the most cramped ever, with us all huddling under the cover.

It turned out to be a rather good circle, with lots of laughs. Colonic, who had said at the BS that he didn't want to be RA because he was the hare, changed his mind by the end of the run, and so we were treated to Shitler at his finest! Indeed, with his shoe polish, there were ultimately many Shitlers … Justin , Yogi, Kinder, Swiss Roll, Salmonella, Rub-her-Turd and many more … see the photos. It really was hilarious! And if that wasn't enough Stiffany then came into the circle and cleansed of our sins. This involved sitting on the large pile of ice and receiving benediction with small chocolate eggs and a swig of beer. Towards the end of this Salmonella hogged the ice and hashers then sat on his lap. At one point he showed his willy (of course) and it was duly smudged with shoe polish!

Aniversarios: French 125, Pussy 325 and Stiffany 435

Thus we repaired to the nearby Indian restaurant for the usual good meal.

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French Erection (yeh right!)

North 36.552993, West 4.638098
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Directions from Marbella:
Take the N340 / A7 to Fuengirola follow the A7 to Av. De Mijas in Las Lagunas de Mijas, at the roundabout take the 5th exit onto Av. de Mijas go through 2 roundabouts. Circle will be up on the right.

Directions from Malaga:
Take the MA20 then AP7 to Fuengirola then use the right 2 lanes to take exit 214 for A7 towards Fuengirola follow the A7 to Av. de Mijas in Las Lugunas de Mijas, at the roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Av. de Mijas go through 2 roundabouts. Circle will be up on your right.

OnOn: The Palace of India - El Coto

Menu: Usual Poppadoms, mixed starters and a curry with rice and nan bread and half a bottle of wine 15 Euros

Lost Soles:
0034 630 729-769

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