Run No 1613 - Mijas Costa

Run number !X·"$, so mumbled Sir Flakley. He promised it was going to best the run ever, virgin territory (in Mijas Costa!) (I think he was referring to the 72 virgins he has been dreaming of ever since he got called by ISIS to setup a hash in Damascus. Sorry got sidetracked yes, the hare bragging on about his run,

two beer stops (that's because you can't keep the pack together) and Cava to keep everyone drunk enough and get good marking.

So a bunch of people turned up in black and multi-coloured attire to remember those who had died (incidentally we missed "One foot in the grave" and I hear Pussey galore was shortlisted for one frame. Unlucky for her as she survived the accident and the two empty frames were put up for bidding on Stairway to heaven. Justin and Seamen stains were the highest bidder worrying that no one would remember them if they don't secure the spot now.

What about the run, well it was a run just like another one. OK, maybe a little better and longer (but don't tell Just say when, she would have told you it was short and had no WW, fresh orange juice, carrot cake, etc).

Over all I think everyone was drunk enough to enjoy what a minimum run should be like (at least 10K) and a few people had their anniversaries even though some have not even walked a has let alone running it in a good while,

Dead End - 5
Sandpaper Sally -15
Titanic - 25
Lip Service - 60
Over and Done With - 65
Master Bates - 86
Aqua Sex -90
5 Knuckle - 100
Semen Stains - 200
Shagadelic -230
Just In - 245
Stiffany -425
Streaky - 470
Mummies Bot - 635

Number attending: 39 hashers

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