Run 1644 - 23 June 2019

Run Number : 1644

Location : ‘Bottom’ end of the carpark at Aqua Mijas Water Park Fuengirola

Hares : Pussy Galore & From Behind

Scribe : Suxit

Visitors : 1XL and Walking Disaster – Larkin H3 and the Sydney Harriettes

Next Run : CAMP OUT – Cabo de Gata

The morning began with a fairly cloudy outlook as we could not see the hills in front of our apartment – another ‘fresh’ day!!! Of course, ‘fresh’ days in summer are somewhat far and few on the Sol and so by the time we reached the starting point of the run, at Fuengirola Water Park, car park, the sun had started to burn through and we were all bathed in sunshine. Given we were at the water park, Aqua Sex came to mind and shore enough our eyes were bathed to a deftly tied towel. An ABC run – Anything But Clothes – would more be revealed I hear you ask !!!! The quay to this was to be found in the other hashers dutifully assembled, some of whom were also sporting other attire. From Behind in two handily tied aprons, waiters in the buff I hear you say; Speed Bumps in some exquisitely re-engineered plastic bags sporting all the best quality shopping in Fuengirola, an on the run sauna; Cabin Boy, ready for action with, was it only a sheet ?; Muzzle Im with a white and golden toga and our GM sporting, well I’m not sure what but it was a great cover up held together by a good old fashioned belt [waist size 28” I think !!!] and, finally, Pussy Galore sporting two pussies and a pink bikini. As I remember from the last run, when asked if a bikini was classified as clothes, the answer was a definite “No” - and so here ended any expectations !!!

The GM called the pack together at around 15:00 hours and called in our visitors from wintery Oz, and we, the pack, then duly introduced ourselves. This was followed by some ‘new shoes’ and, finally, the hares. With a mass of hieroglyphics covering the car park floor From Behind explained the markings and the fact that some were in chalk [in town] and some in flour [you’ve guessed it – in the country side – a liberal use of the word]. However, one set of markings brought the GM back in the circle explaining that the checks with numbers did not happen on Mijas because the pack had not yet reached numbers stage in the use of the language – or was it the pack was just thick !! Pussy Galore having immediately rushed in to the rescue and having rubbed out the numeral hieroglyphic, sent the pack on its way out of the carpark.

The immediate start sent all the FRB’s, and the middle to end RB’s, up the road. Only the cripples, your scribe included, felt that they were all lost sheep and trekked up the pedestrian flyover to find markings. Cripples were now, and I use this term loosely, FRB’s !!! It was then a left up the road with checks being strategically placed at pedestrian crossings, with a few numbers, until we dropped down into s river bed, out the other side and, with a right along the river bank, we were now being led by the real FRB’s, Rubber Turd, et al. Along a leafy lane we went, until we reached another river crossing with the invalids trail going back along the opposite side of the river bank and the masochistic trail going straight on. The invalids trail having followed the river bed almost back to the start then entered a built-up area and a check on a roundabout, at which Jerry Can swiftly found the onon. This led us around the back of the buildings, down a side street, across a deserted area and up to another vacant area to the very welcome site of the ‘beer stop’. Unfortunately, the main trail I am unable to describe with any degree of accuracy as my informers Sperm Aid and Insideher were deeply involved in extremely important discussions concerning world politics and where the best place to get fresh fruit and veg is and so all I can say is that having crossed the river it went left and finally dropped down back to the river bed, finally using the cripples trail to the beer stop. With some welcome shade of a crumbling building, cool Mojitos and beer were thirstily downed by the pack helped along with Quacamole and crisps. Our oceanic visitors were heard to comment “Gee mate this tucker and turps is like the Sydney Posh H3”. After a short respite it was then back on the trail which led through some various side streets to finally cross back under the A7 and lead to From Behind’s place back in town. Overall run time around 60/70 mins.

The circle having been convened on From Behind’s balcony ably assisted by Pussy [that doesn’t sound right !!], the first to be awarded was From Behind for a number of runs – exact details evade your scribe as the memory is somewhat clouded by the Mojitos and beer. The discussion and rating of the run delivered a well earned 9.3/10 for a well marked trail and run length. Your scribe was in the circle for assuming the numbered checks related to waiting for that number of hashers before commencing the check around, as is the case on C2H3, and therefore breaking a check by assuming he would be there all night if he had to wait for the number 33 displayed [hashers] !!!! From Behind was again in the circle for having everything chained up on his balcony, including two BBQ’s, chairs, tables, gazeebo’s, potted plants and, I believe, for hanging his bicycle on his upper neighbours balcony. Insideher for ogling From Behind Calvin Klien underpants, and, finally, those who managed to undress for the run with Anything BUT Clothes were judged with the two winners being Speed Bumps for her little ensemble of a dress made out of plastic bags and Cabin Boy for a topical sheet … With the circle finally closing your scribe unfortunately had to leave before the BBQ but, my understanding is that it was yet another great evening with MH3.

Thanks go to the hares, From Behind & Pussy Galore, for a good run, drinks and BBQ and apologies to those I have failed to mention in the above …. Onononon to the weekend CAMPOUT

Sunday 23 June 2019 - Time: 15:00
AquaMijas Water Park- Fuengirola
ABC Run ( Anything But Clothes)

Hares: Pussy Galore and From Behind

Get your thinking caps on pressies for best / worse original costume

Circle: Bottom end of the carpark at AquaMijas Water Park Fuengirola.

From Malaga and Marbella travel down the A7 until you come to the Coin Exit 208B, From Malaga go round the roundabout under the motorway and then follow directions from Marbella.

From Marbella take Coin exit 208B at the roundabout take 1st Right and stay on the road past AquaMijas on your left until the end of the road and Park.

15 min Walk (1.3km) from Fuengirola Station

OnOn: BBQ on From Behinds back terrace!!! in downtown Fuengirola

Lost Soles:
+34 639 851 773
Click for Google Maps
Latitude N 36.536944, Longitude W-4.633583

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