Run No 1641 - 02 Jun 2019

Run Report: Sunday 2nd June 2019.

Run Number 1641.

Hares: Just say When & Master Bates.

Location: Mijas Mountains, Alurin round-a-bout, opposite the BP garage.

I put myself down as the scribe as I was last to arrive at the run location due to going out of my way to collect 2 Spore hashers from Fuengirola station. On arriving at the start location the circle was in full flow and we just about made the Run photo!! There was a good turnout of over 20 hashers, being a Gwen run you knew it was going to be good and she did not let us down, even with MB in tow she pulled off a great run over virgin territory (For me anyway!). I unfortunately missed the Beer & Cava stop and so did a few others as the markings were a little confusing, they took us thru what was going to be an extension of the golf development which never got off the ground, the 165 steps back up to the main golf course entrance was a bit of a challenge but I needed the exercise!

It was not an overly long run in “Gwen’s” terms just long enough, and the cool breeze at the high altitude made it a perfect evening run, the run back thru the pine forest of the Mijas mountain was very enjoyable.

On returning to the start of the run stand in GM “Kinder garden Cop” called the pack to form a circle, with no RA, yours truly stood in for the vacant position, we had one virgin hasher “Speed bumps” brother “Alexander” turned up!!! we also were graced with visitors/returners “Shoeless” & “Malcfunction” from Spore / Shetland hash. We had a few anniversaries, “Sweet & Low” with 400 runs and “Master bates” with 100 runs and Bleeding bush 25 runs. JSW & MB were awarded numerous down downs, for not putting on the Cava stop, buying expensive “Eco” flour at 2.60 euro a bag !!! luckily JSG saved the day and made MB take the bags back for the normal 75cents flour bags!! Plonker! Virgin “Alexander” appeared to enjoy the run and the circle so let’s see if he makes it back, the run received a respectful 8.4 for the pack.

The stand in RA “Flakey” passed out a few down downs, the only memorable one being the two “Scousers” Shoeless & “Malcfunction” had to tell a joke!!! “Did you know there has been a fire at Tesco`s -------Asda ------------ No Tesco`s” we it took a few attempts and two sleeves to get it right!! On second thoughts I don’t think they ever did get it right.

Next week’s hare: “Can Knock can” advised next week’s run will be at 16.30 in Alurin, looking forward to it!!

Circle closed and On On to the “Condor” or “Buggie” restaurant in the middle of the campo for a great meal (Once the wine got sorted out!!)

Well done hares, a really great run and On On.

YMWGM Sir Flakey.

1641 - Sunday 02 June 2019
16:00 Sharp

Hares:Just Say When and Master Bates

Circle: A-387, 29120 Alhaurín el Grande, Málaga

Directions: Take the A7053 from Fuengirola past St Anthony's college to the BP petrol station at Los Morenos roundabout - (it now has white large new letters saying Alhaurin El Grande) - take the first exit towards Mijas A387. The start is signed shortly on the left.


Lost Soles:
+34 642 562 524
+34 642 617 010

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