Run 1652 - 11 Aug 2019

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“Alhaurin woods, Haunted house & Caves Run”

Hares: Just Say When & Mummies Boy.
Location: Just off the Alhaurin roundabout
Visitors: Mike His wife Nadia daughter Rhiannon & Kevin
Mike is from the Bahrain Black hash.
Virgins: 3 of the visitors.
Returners: Jumping Jack & King Kanut.
Number of runners: 15.
Run score: 8.8/10. (Independently verified)
Anniversaries: Sir Lee Marvin 215 (But he had pissed off).

As I drove up to the start of the run, I saw a big family piled high with chairs cooler boxes, lilos getting into their car presumable heading off to the beach, “Bloody nutters” I mumbled to myself, then had I thought – wait a minute you are off to run around Alhaurin woods in the mid-August heat!

I arrived at the designated run location to see JSW putting markings out for the cars to park, I was amazed there was already 3 cars there, “Bloody nutters”, even Sir Lee Marvin was there, with a few other Malaga H3 runners, this was a turn up for the books as they made up 50% of the group!!

A lovely Audi car pulled up with 4 new runners, which turned out to be Mike (A Wirral lad) and his family, Mike was a Bahrain Black hasher and had talk his better half Nadia and the Kids to come on the fun run with Mijas H3 “Bloody nutters”. With the new GM still shirking his responsibilities again I stood in to get proceedings underway.

JSW & Mummies Boy came into the circle to explained the trail markings to are puzzled looking visitor and virgins, JSW ensured there was no hills and plenty of shaded (Just gradients and the odd tree!!).

Hash photo taken of the nutty 15 hashers that had turned out! And off along the road towards Alhaurin, after 50 meters it was over the road into the forest and the first “Gradient” the trail was well laid, the hares put a large “Loop” in at the beginning which did not fool me, before long the pack where back up with me minus a few hashers! Sir Lee Marvin and Nadia had decided to head back to the cars as the “Gradients” were a little too much, onward and slight up wards we walk, old King Kanut and young Jumping Jack were checking things out, for me I am not a fan of split trails I prefer to see Checks as it make it more difficult than a 50-50 guess !!! Hey - but that’s me.

It was not long till the first of three beers stops, Mummies boy was dishing out cold refreshments, Up your Bum & Sweet and Low need extra drinks due to excessive talking on trail!

On On to the next drink stop which we were informed would be manned by JSW, this was the best section of the run along the cliff edge over looking Alhaurin, the trail was all in the shade and easy under foot, I was up front, with Dogs Bollox and our visitors bringing up the rear. The BS sign was not long into second third of the run, what was this ------ a huge house in the middle of the woods with superb views over Alhaurin, JSW proceed in telling us the story of her first visit here when it was fully furnished with Chandelier’s! it had been now fully trashed and over grown, she explained that it was owned by a German family, King Kanut soon perked up and advised that he would check into the story behind the mystery house, I am sure he is hoping he is some how going to inherit the place!! There was large initials on the entrance gates “R L G”

The only German I know with a “G” was “Goering”? it’s a start, good luck Kanut, I would to good to see the place bought back to its former glory.

We had a long drink stop here as it was very interesting place, the Pisco sours and Sangria were all very refreshing too.

On On back home, the trail continued through the grounds of this fabulous house, out through the side gate to find some amazing caves, we made our way to the end of the first cave with phone lights on only to find thousands of spiders on one wall all crawling around --- I off,

The next check saw a split in the pack, with Dogs Bollox heading off down the Pylon path with our new virgins and UYB, there was one more BS pending, so any hasher worth their salt would be staying on trial, the real trail went off into the woods, at this point we lost King Kanut (I think went off to check on the title deeds to the property) Mike (BBH3), S&L Jumping Jack and myself keep on trail and after a treacherous downhill decent we made the 3rd and final beer stop, Salmonella Rushdie was at this point a passenger in JSW car as he had turned out in “Jesus” sandals and was struggling with the terrain, more beer and softies and we were off on the final third, a very pleasurable ON -IN, basically coming back in along the out trail.

The circle was a short affair with the visitors getting a welcome drink, and with the absent RA the circle was open to ALL, Sir Lee Marvin was our only Anniversary with 215 but had left early running over our table.
(editors note: if you put a table underneath a car do not be surprised when said table is run over.)

The circle closed, and we set off for the On On On at the BP petrol station Dinner, great food and very reasonable -BUT

It took about an hour to sort the Bill out ---- everyone had paid but we were 10 euro short, the suckers that were left had to dig into their pockets to cover the short fall, there is obviously an answer to this problem, but I don’t know what it is !! (Maybe this. ed)

Anyway, well done you pair of Bloody Nutters, great run and On On

On a serious note Stiffany and I when to see our therapist last week:
Therapist: Flakey your wife says you never buy her flowers is that true?
Flakey: To be honest, I never knew she sold flowers.

On On forever.
Sir Flakey.

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The Haunted House and Bat Caves Run

Sunday 11 Aug 2019 - Time 17:00hrs


Just Say When

Mummy’s Boy

Join us for this reasonably short and flat run through the Spooky Woods above Alhaurin with two beer stops and a special Bats Blood Stop! Bring a torch!!


Car park near BP Garage, Alhaurin el Grande

Navigation to The Circle:
Google Maps link to Circle
Latitude N 36.624604, Longitude W -4.706275

See Navigation Above.
Directions: From Fuengirola take the A 7053 Coin / Alhaurin Road. At the BP / Los Morenos roundabout take the 2nd right / straight over towards Alhaurin el Grande. After 100 meters or so turn left into the car park where the run starts.

At the BP Garage on the roundabout.

Navigation to The OnOn:
Google Maps link to OnOn

Price: Pay as you go

Lost Soles:
Phones: Just Say When 642562524 / Mummy's Boy 619651253

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