Run 906 - 05 Feb 2006

Run 906



 Having been assured by the Hares prior to the run that the vistas we were to behold were incredible and unmissable (based on their recce the previous week) the pack set off uphill in drizzly rain and after a few hundred metres into the clouds from which this precipitated.  Since my memory is as misty as the mountain was that day itґs just as well I donґt have these views to recall.  It was however a long hard slippery haul up to the mountainside causing a few to turn back.  Not so the Willy Wanker dogs who revelled in the conditions taking great delight in splashing and muddying all in their path.  Eventually, with chattering teeth, the pack rose almost out of the clouds onto a peak whereupon they were confronted by an enormous steel cross.  Any preconceptions that we had arrived in the wrong kingdom were soon allayed by the jovial sound of Stiff Fannyґs Dick who had heroically hauled beers and snacks for us to partake at this normally astonishly astounding viewpoint.   Stiffyґs rock cakes were devoured with such relish that the event could justifiably be remembered as Sunday at the Hard Rock Hilltop Cafй.

 After the beerstop the descent was, to put it mildly, gruelling and gravely and somewhat treacherous to begin, added to which almost sub zero temperatures made the discomfort complete.  A few spills were taken. Not least Stiff Fanny (ever attention seeking having just had her “rocks” off) arrived at the On In waving a suitably bloodied hand to warrant immediate attention from all the male hashers who thought sheґd have to take off her shirt to receive treatment.

 From a historical (hysterical) cultural sporting research viewpoint the tumbledown ruin of a building passed on the return trail just before the On In and labelled Centro de Investigacion de Cinegetica (art of hunting) was in fact, at one time, a centre for the study of wild game animals in their natural habitat – then the developers moved in.

 A great circle was held with down downs for those who didnґt complete the run and especially Sheep Shagger who didnґt even start, supposedly because heґd ended up in a ditch with his car the previous night.  The Hares were awarded a very creditable 8 for their efforts in extreme conditions.

 After temperatures of only 3 degrees on the run I vaguely remember a cosy On-On in some roadside restaurant just outside Ojen.  It charged €12 extra for white wine which no-one was prepared to pay for and offered us no Pacharбn.  Maybe thatґs why weґve never returned.

 On On


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