Run 907 - 12 Feb 2006

RUN NO. 907      Bit of run number juggling going on!!


 Although our loyal GM et famille had telephoned Hare Gangplank to inform him that her entourage, and I, were running slightly late, explaining that we’d be another thirty minutes AND being assured the hash was not starting until 4.00  (by the aforementioned Gangplank), we were subsequently bollocked by the ever ready standin GM Limp Toed Sloth (and others).  

 Having missed the circle and resisting the urge to visit a small cafй to recuperate from an extremely alcoholic and leisurely lunch in the sunshine on the elegant Marbella seafront, we sluggishly set off up a hill in hot pursuit of  the rest of the pack through some, initially, rather unintersting scenery.  The old town was more interesting and luckily for us the markings were excellent although we did every false trail.  Eventually, surprisingly, we arrived at the beer stop a la Casa Sparky’s vastly renovated and unrecognisable abode. The GM, Stiffita and I were not the last to arrive as it would appear that Bagpuss and Bendover had taken a wrong turn or perhaps chosen the sensible option of a bun and a cappucino in the cafй.  I cannot  comment on the rest of the “run” as Sparky and I did a quick clean up and humped the coolboxes into his car where I cadged a lift.   It would appear that Sparky was foolishly hoping to set the second part of the run in sight of the cars but we spied El Pulpo sheltering under the awnings of the said hypermarket, quickly followed by the rest of the pack and, finally, Bagpuss and Bendover.  

 As rain commenced it was decided to abort Run No 907 and adjourn to Casa Gangplank for the circle. Party hats and celebratory birthday cake were provided in honour of the birthdays boys and girl.  Spittoon, celebrating his sixtieth birthday, sported a new haircut and beard trim.  After imbibing copious quantities of extremely quaffable gluhwein we christened our American cousin Andrea, Septic Wank, without the aid of a plastic bag which she requested.  We think the run made a very reasonable 7.5 due mainly to the said gluhwein and the fact that the Hares stood in at such short notice.

 On On Stitched Up with help from Stiff

Photos could be from Runs 903 904 905 906 or 907

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