Run 1658 - 22 Sep 2019

Hares: 911 & Kindergarden Cop.

Location: La Cala.

Number of Runners: 22.

Returner: Not yet (Oslo H3).

Visitor: Limp Dick (Oslo H3).

Anniversaries: Not yet 5 – 911 20 – Cabin Boy 40 – Community chest 170 – Kindergarden Cop 575.

We left Fuengirola in plenty of time for the start of the run, but a little apprehensive about the our dogs as Stiffanny said the On On was on his balcony !!! assuming it was an apartment!! On arrival we were pleasantly surprised to see it was a substantial villa with an enclosed swimming pool! All very impressive and his balcony was huge area in front of the garden, plenty of room for the hounds.

Kindergaden Cop called the circle to explain the run details, all that went quite smoothly until he and 911 tried to get numbers for the On On and the orders for the Curry !!!! This went on for so long we were beginning to think we would run out of light for the run !!!

After additions were made to the menu choices, as a few people did not like what was offered, and the correlation to the order numbers and the Hashers attending the On On was correct, we could eventually start the Run.

Hash photo out of the way, we headed out of 911 gates on to a tarmacked road and our first check, this like all the checks we were about to break on the run had the pack spread far and wide, eventually “From Behind” found the trail and we were off, not far down the road we took a left turn into the campo, and on to normal hash trails, the hares had explained that at checks when you see flour you were on right trail, this was proving to be working well and the checks were very long until flour was eventually found, which kept the pack together really well.

We traversed numerus hills and dales, we then came to a “Split trail” on on left was the called as flour had been spotted, up a rather steep hill only to find a “Check back”? on back was called and we started looking for the obvious trail, but nothing?? Then somebody called “On On” the other side of the “Split trail” we had just come thru? A lot of disgruntled hasher proclaiming this is not allowed on hash runs? (If anybody has an answer please advise the GM & RA). We regrouped and headed off on a rather long downhill incline to a well-covered tree lined path, beautiful trail leading to a welcome “Beer Stop”.

The trail from here split for the Runners to take a hilly way back home and the wimps a leisurely walk back to 911 luxury villa, I of course took the manly Hilly option with, Froggy (French erection) & Sweet & Low, On -In was the back gate to 911 villa, I arrived to see all the hashers back and supping cold beer!!! Bloody good run.

Circle called and as KC was a Hare yours truly took on GM duties, I was advised that as summer is now over, all circles will now be standing, unless you are in your in your 80`s, have a letter from your doctor and endorsed by both parents, or pregnant, this was met with disapproval from “Streaky” who was immediately given a cool seat in the circle (Thank you “From Behind” for the block of ice). Various drinks given out to Anniversaries, visitors & returners. We were then treated to our resident RA “Clonic” and his trusty Archdeacon “From Behind” this took us up to “Curry-time”, after a scrumptious curry, mass vino was brought out, and the evening ended with Master Bates (Wanker) and “Not Yet” getting all the women up for a dance.

Great run and On On, Well-done Hares.

They were awarded 8.8 for the efforts. On On - Sir Flakey.

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Sunday 22 Sep 2019 - Time 16:00

Hare 911

Kindergarden Cop


La Cala - Casa de Hare 911 - On the Patio
Urbanisation Los Claveles 111, 30
Calle Toledo 22, La Cala ***Note*** Calle Toledo may show as Avenida 2 on Google Maps.

Navigation to The Circle:
Google Maps link to the circle.
Latitude N 36°30'27.4", Longitude W–4°40'29.7"W

From Fuegirola;
Take the A7 (N340) direction west and take the 1st LA CALA exit
At the exit roundabout take the LAST exit
Go LEFT at T-junction (towards Mercadona)
At the next roundabout take the first RIGHT
Go up the hill and take the 2nd LEFT (by restaurant OLÉ)
Then the 1st LEFT (a 90 degree turn)

From Marbella
Head east on the A7 (N340) and take the exit to LA CALA (with the slip road)
At the 1st immediate roundabout go STAIGHT ON
And STRAIGHT ON at the next roundabout
At the next roundabout go LEFT under the A7
At the next roundabout take the 1st exit RIGHT
Go up the hill and take the 2nd LEFT
Then the 1st LEFT (a 90 degree turn)
***See navigation above***

OnOn: Casa Hare 911
See Navigation to the Circle.

Navigation to The OnOn:
See Navigation to the Circle.

OnOn Menu:
Indian Take-Away - With a veggie option.

Price: A very reasonable € amount to be confirmed.

Lost Soles:
Phone: +34 686 752 499 +47 481 32 504

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