Run 1655 - 01 Sep 2019

Run number 1655 1 Sept '19

Hares – Dipper and his friend Jorge

At – El Coto

A 12 o'clock meet meant that we were hashing in the midday sun, but that was no problem, since that's what we have tended to do anyway! Twenty-four hashers turned up for this event. No doubt the prospect of a dip in Dippers pool at the beer stop was a strong encouragement.

Thus we set off over the very familiar territory of the lower Campo Mijas. The marking was fairly good and we nearly all arrived at the hare's house after about three quarter of an hours hashing. I say nearly, because Sweet and Low and others were missing. Dipper set off in his car to find them and duly came back with the majority of lost souls. Cabin Boy however could not be found, and he eventually made his way back to the circle location.

The beer stop was a total delight (thank you Dipper) and since we were waiting for Cabin Boy to appear, we stayed quite a long time. However, there was a problem … Gobichef had made too much food, which through good manners I was absolutely obliged to eat, and there was way too much home made tinto verano, which I was also obliged to drink. Such that I got totally full and did not relish at all a second half of hashing.

The second section was particularly well marked and we got back to the circle without any difficulty.

The circle was run by Kinder on only the second occasion operating as official GM (as opposed to Assistant GM), but was altogether more remarkable for the debut of From Behind as Assistant RA (officially titled Arch Dickon.)

Thus to the On On at El Brujo for the usuual Sunday roast.

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Run #1655

Sunday 01 Sep 2019 - Time 12:00hrs
The Enjoyment Run (Bring Swim Togs)


Dipper and Gobbychov plus Mystery Virgin


Campomijas/Alqueria Road

An antidote to recent more gruelling runs, Sunday’s run, set at appallingly short notice, will take place just outside Urbanisation Campomijas (home to Streaky, Sir Flakey, Stiffanny, TITanic, Dipper, Gorby , old Uncle Tom Cobley and all.)

NOTE the midday start time!! The core run is under 5 km but a tad hilly, with wankers’ and wimps’ trails for the wholly unenthusiastic/ can’t be arsed/ give a toss brigade.
There will be an extended poolside beer stop with a surfeit of refreshments, so bring swim gear (this can be put in the beer wagon before/after if preferred)

Navigation to The Circle:
Google Maps link to the circle.
Latitude N 36º.34’ 02.02”, Longitude W 4º 38’55.2”
What3Words: TBA

To partake of these joyous festivities, locate the Avenida de Mijas and enter it from the N340 between the Ford garage Victoria and the big tyre repair shop, heading north.

Carry straight on across three roundabouts and about a kilometre from the main road you will pass twixt the somewhat underwhelming entry portals to Urbanización Campomijas. Immediately turn left up the hill and follow that road (Calle los Cupresos) for another kilometre until you reach a T junction.

Here, turn left and follow that road for another kilometre or so to the run start. If you are sensible, Kindergarden, just follow these damn instructions and try set a better example on this occasion by arriving on time :-)
***See navigation above***

OnOn: El Brujo
To cap it all off, after a strenuous Circle, celebrate the onset of Autumn with a two course meal including:-

Homemade soup, prawn salad, or garlic mushrooms AND
A wide selection of roasts, steak and ale pie (a must) or cod grilled/with cheese sauce, all the usual OTT trimmings PLUS beer or half a bottle of wine pp, brandy, pacharán etc. €15 incl tip.
Una ganga!
Yes, you’ve guessed it, the On On is at El Brujo (foodie emporium of erstwhile Hasher, Roots), just off the Avda de Mijas.

Navigation to The OnOn:
Google Maps Link to El Brujo

Price: €15.00

Lost Soles:
Phone: +34 609 503-439 or + 34 617 415-199

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