Run 849 - 09 Jan 2005

Hares: Stiff Fanny & her Dick               

I had to write this cos I wos last to turn up. Wasn´t my fault but it meant I did the first half following paper with stitched up & fanita in my car trying to find the beer stop. Finally got there to find Gangplank with a smug smile on his face after spending a month in Thailand. Can´t think why -  we only went for the hashingJ The marks varied from 1 to 9 but the final result was 8/10 - not bad.

 The second half was fairly short but who cares, the beer was cold & the sun was out, great to be back. Lots of down down including an inspired ice-cold tsunami from Pervi.

 The On-on was in Casa Stif, that fantastic Gaudi inspired house built by Russians with more money than taste. All proceeds of the meal, which by the way was fantastic , went to victims of the tsunami. Well done to the hares for their tremendous effort.  

Lots of bodies in the Jacussi and sauna. We left about 10 p.m. but having seen some distinctly dodgy photos of the action later on I think we should have stayed!! Spittoon should set up his own web site

ON-ON  Dogsy

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