Run 1600

4 Weddings and 2 Funerals

Hares: “Just Say When” and “Mummy’s Boy"

On Sunday 14th October, having gathered at 11am, 50+ Happy Mijas Hashers set off from Miramar Fuengirola Beach hotel with great expectations of the day that lay ahead. Despite the rain our spirits were not dampened, with the promise of sun at 14.00! 

Majestic clouds adorned the plains and craggy peaks as we wound our way upwards towards the 1st stop in our journey at El Cruce Restaurante.Upon reaching our coffee stop, we all piled out, donning sunglasses.

 There seemed to be some concern regarding the ability of the hares and others involved to provide sufficient nourishment to see us through the days physical demands, therefore some, considered that tucking into breakfast at mid-day was their best option. They need not to have such concerns as we were admirably catered for. ‘From Behind’ imbibed beer for his breakfast.

 Travelling on and arriving at the pretty village of Setenil we disembarked where Hash Haberdash did rather well with sales of warmer winter highland climate Hash gear! Congratulations Stiffanny for having this genre of Hash high fashion range!  The trail led us down through river beds and overhanging rock faces, then upwards along cobbled streets to the 1st beer stop, where we were drenched in sunlight, whilst being entertained by festive music wafting from within the walled village square, decked in bunting, while beautiful horses patiently waited for their masters outside the  impressive walled square. Bubbley went down well before making our way further upwards and  downwards along the river bed towards the medieval village streets where locals were enjoying the street stalls and local fayre, very tempting to just stop and enjoy! However it was well worth the efoort to follow the trail which emerged above the village with absolutely stunning views across the dwellings and to the hills and mountains beyond, fabulous view! The run finished wending our way through an olive grove and back to the bus and circle venue. The bus had had to have an official police escort through the village due to the festive time period, needless to say, this had not been on the Hares agenda! 55 runners gathered for the circle. Religious Advisors: ‘Sir Flakey’ with ‘Suxit’ ensured that ‘Rob The Knob’ enjoyed the pleasures of celebrating his 60th Birthday!  We remembered the dearly departed Tweetski Pie & Elephant Arse and toasted the 4 wedding couples: ‘StiffFanny’ & ‘Sir Flakey’, ‘Aqua Sex’ & ‘Bleeding Bush’, ‘One Tit’ & ‘HMV’, ‘Sandpaper Sally’ & ‘Rob The Knob’. Departing by bus to a caravan park camping area we enjoyed our ‘On On’  finishing the day around midnight with an emergency toilet stop called for on behalf of ‘Rob The Knob’ due to his over-dosing on 60 large shots of beer provided kindly by ‘Sir Flakey’ in the circle. So blame ‘Sir Flakey’ for the not so popular stop, where ‘From Behind’ had to be levered away from the coffee bar, of all things. There’s always one who takes advantage!! He certainly seemed to want to take advantage of ‘Speed Bump’ on disembarking outside the Fuengirola beach Hotel! Conclusion: Many thanks to the hares for a run well laid with an overall score of 9.2. 

ON ON to next week’s run Sunday 21st kicks off at 3pm at ‘Knobs End’. On On to be held at poolside in the Knobbery Garden. Hares: Rob The Knob