Run 1619

Location: Torremolinos Bullring

Hares: Bloody Pinocchio & Pepper Grinder


This run should have come with severe warnings; the likes of:

- Beware of falling dangerous caterpillars from trees

- Don't bring dogs because of aforesaid caterpillars

- Hard hats optional

- Climbing ropes, carabinas and crampons strongly recommended

So unarmed with any of these warnings we set off for a real tough one where flour was as scarce as feathers on a fish.

But whilst out on the run/ascent, a dark cloud was forming over other events; Mummy's boy, only 300m from the start had a heart attack and fell unconscious. After 40 minutes of CPR he was taken to the University Hospital in Malaga. He is now in a critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit. As a consequence, there were no songs in the circle this week of "he's fat........he's round" or "who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies". We pray for his recovery.

Meanwhile, Master Bates, not to be outdone, was also in trouble, having sent out an S.O.S. He was dis-orientated, lost and carrying an injured leg. Unlike Mummy's boy he was able to make it back to the circle.

Recommendation: Hash Nurse to be appointed, to wear nurse uniform at all times and be ready to speedily help hashers needing assistance. Volunteers?

Run Score: 8.4 discounted by 1 mark because of Pepper Grinders penchant for Aldi's own brand beer

Anniversarios: I'm Easy 5, Happy Days 30, Lip Service 65, Over and Done With 70, 5 Knuckle Shuffle 105, Yogi, 235, Just In 250, Sweet & Low 400, Stiffanny 430, Mummy's Boy 640, Up Yer Bum 690

Cabin Boy