Mijas H3 30th Anniversary
15-19 May 2019
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A Message from Sir Flakey GM

Hash Flash - Seaman Staines - 30th Here of the Dog - 19 May 2019 - Photo 34.jpeg

I hope this finds you all fit, well and sober! This is just to say a BIG THANK Y0U to you all for attending our 30th Anniversary Bash, it was huge effort in planning and getting the event off the ground, but after receiving feedback from you all, we feel that we managed to pull it off.

We have started compiling a videos of the event which are available on our web page (www.mijash3.com) and we hope to have an abridged “Complete” version of the whole weekend when our official camera man’s arm heals after he broke it during the filming of the Sunday flamenco show (Our only incident of the weekend).

If you have any photos or videos of the event, or would like to send written content which can be added to our official video or web page please forward to cabin.boy@mijash3.com and we will endeavour to use it.

Our weekly run seems very quiet now that 300 or so of you all have left! so please come back and visit us again soon.

Our next big event will be our 2000th Run which should be in 2025, hope to see you all then, if not sooner.

Thanks again from myself and the Committee.

On On forever - Sir flakey.

Mijas H3 30th Anniversary
Run Reports

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